Friday, July 5, 2024

A simpler time, fun with BIM360, StreamBIM, Navisworks, late payers, and working on a large project

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 Once upon a time, I was a manual draftsman, with a set of pens, plastic templates and a compass.  These were my tools of trade.  

Not any more.  Here I am at nearly 78 years of age, working 8 hours a day, and trying to cope with more technological advances again, after being one of the early adopters of working in 3D Autocad.

I am thinking, shall I give this until the end of August, if AI does not do away with the job in the meantime.

The technological advance I am talking about is BIM360.  Apparently it has been out for a while, but I have not had reason to use it.

In case you are new to it, BIM360 is an Autodesk product and in a nutshell it is the same as Dropbox, but with bells on. The bells on are quite nice and work as follows:

You upload your model to the BIM360 site, in my case a a Revit model.  It then processes this and then you can view it.  This is quite amazing because it seems to cope with large models very nicely.  We are talking here about a large factory with every bastard's stupid ideas of what should be in a model.

If I sound bitter, it is because I am grumpy because I seem to be forever fighting a rear guard action against people who think it is a great idea to download a desk with a computer keyboard with all the keys on it and think this is a great idea!

This seems a good system for working collaboratively on large projects, with the various disciplines, ie Architectural, Structural and so on uploading their models so everyone can see the whole picture.

Unfortunately for such an older geezer, the buzz words keep coming just to muddy the waters a bit.  For instance "Federated Model", which apparently is big daddy drawing, where everything is fed into. It seems the Architects drawing is a logical one for this.

Another one is "Consumed", which I am still puzzling over.  Another puzzle for me is no one seems in control, although no doubt if I looked hard enough on all the Youtube videos I would find out.  Oh Joy! A job for this weekend.

Apparently the license for this is quite expensive, so another similar setup has been introduced, called StreamBIM, see here

Not as pretty as BIM360, and produces something similar to Navisworks.  Navisworks has been around for years now, and early on I was not that keen on it.  How things change: I now use it all the time and find it is a wonderful thing.  I can do a large 3D Autocad model, get that into Navisworks, save as an NWD file send that to my boss, who does not need Autocad to view it.  

It is also handy to check out your model, as the navigation tools are better than what is in Autocad.

Late payers, or people who do not pay at all: Is it just a New Zealand thing or is it world wide?  I have been working for the last 2 years for an architectural draftsman, who I find is not even a Licensed Building Practitioner, and early on was always a good payer, but lately has not been paying.  Plus other sundry people I have done work for who think not paying is OK.

Plus not giving be a consistent supply of work, meant I applied for a permanent job with the firm I am with now.  I applied, saying I am not the person you want, but I could fill in.  One year later I am still working there.  The office has no windows, which is why I asked to work at home 3 days per week and they let me do that.

Working on a large project is a new one for me.  What I have done is to split the thing up into rooms or areas.  There is a main model where all these are Xreffed in.

This approach works well, though I see a previous draftsman took this a bit too far, making a run of pipe an xref.


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