Saturday, September 4, 2021

Down Autocad memory Lane

Around 1991,  I remember spending $2400 on an AT, IBM clone, it had a 80286 processor and probably 1k of ram....My daughter and and I used to play Captain Comic on it.

It had a 14" Colour monitor, not flat screen but cathode ray tube.

About 1993, I decided to go contract drafting and bought a copy of Autocad 12 for NZ$6500.  I got a man to upgrade it to an 80386, still with not much ram.  

I could draw things ok, but a bunch of 2D pipes in a factory, and it would give up.

One of my first jobs was for an engineering consultancy specializing in rendering.
No, not as in producing pretty pictures, but dealing with slaughtered animal wastes.

Everything was all 2D, as the computers then did not have the power to do 3D.

Release 14 which came out in 1997 had some handy 3D capability, just as computers became more powerful, and I became more convinced and proficient with 3D.

What followed was a succession of contracts here and there, which were all good learning experiences, until I ended up at a large factory where I more or less stayed until I retired.

With a few breaks to work on other things.

Autocad 2007 I remember as the really ground breaking release, for the extra 3D pieces which it had in it.

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