Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How it goes...

Just need to revise these drawings....just need a gas bottle on the plan view.
....just need an easement boundary on the site plan of that one.

In my mind: This should only take about 10 minutes.  Wait, I'm always out, so
multiply by the "Bill Factor"  This is about 3 usually, so say 30 minutes.

Decision: I need the following:

1. A button that inserts a revision triangle

2. A button that inserts a polyline across the whole drawing and is on the
defpoints layer so it does not print but anyone looking through the layout tabs
can quickly tell which layout tabs were revised. So they do not get confused the
next time the drawing set gets revised ;)

3. A button that puts a draft stamp on the drawing.

An hour later, done.

All this fiddling around with buttons adds another 15 minutes to that hour.

Previously I had some of these several mouse clicks away in a menu pull down.

So why are these not a built in part of Autocad?  Even if it was just a
ctrl key + letter?

Another thing missing: Automatic bubble inserting, eg, you have bracing which needs
a series of sequential numbers in little circles.

We have LT, so I had to get creative here - no lisp on LT.

What I did it was create 24 little blocks each with a circle and a number.
Then a macro that inserted them one after the other, something along the lines
of -insert;"c:/cad/library/bubbles/bubble1.dwg";\;1;1;0;  repeated 24 times.

Again, how come we do not have this sort of thing built in?

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