Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why I do not have an email address on my blog etc

Hi Jim!
Sorry I have not replied-I have been busy with personal things as well as falling off my bike.
I have not posted my email address as I do not wish to be engulfed with spam. Which makes me think: how can I be contacted? I have thought of this idea....since robots are trolling for things with an ampersand in them, all I have to do is put my address in a blog posting like this one and make it look like this: blecouteur at xtra dot co dot nz.
Should be easy to figure out....

Now for the autocad stuff: I have been laid off from my job at Nucon Ltd, and have managed to land a short contract at NZ Sugar Ltd, who as it happens, do not want my computer connected to their network. You could almost hear my computer go:"What....there is no network? So I will go at almost twice the speed....". Well, maybe not twice, but it is very noticeable.

Which raises the interesting question: Is this R2009's fault, or is it the networks?

Arriving at NZSugar, I was surprised to find there was already a draftsman there (they went for quite a period with none). What was interesting about him was the fact that he was into VBA for Autocad in a big way and he had applied this all to electrical drawings.

Another interesting thing was that NZSugar had bought 6 seats of Cadopedia, an autocad clone.
The version they had though, could not read more than one layout tab. The other draftsman downloaded the latest version, and apparently it can.....