Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why I do not have an email address on my blog etc

Hi Jim!
Sorry I have not replied-I have been busy with personal things as well as falling off my bike.
I have not posted my email address as I do not wish to be engulfed with spam. Which makes me think: how can I be contacted? I have thought of this idea....since robots are trolling for things with an ampersand in them, all I have to do is put my address in a blog posting like this one and make it look like this: blecouteur at xtra dot co dot nz.
Should be easy to figure out....

Now for the autocad stuff: I have been laid off from my job at Nucon Ltd, and have managed to land a short contract at NZ Sugar Ltd, who as it happens, do not want my computer connected to their network. You could almost hear my computer go:"What....there is no network? So I will go at almost twice the speed....". Well, maybe not twice, but it is very noticeable.

Which raises the interesting question: Is this R2009's fault, or is it the networks?

Arriving at NZSugar, I was surprised to find there was already a draftsman there (they went for quite a period with none). What was interesting about him was the fact that he was into VBA for Autocad in a big way and he had applied this all to electrical drawings.

Another interesting thing was that NZSugar had bought 6 seats of Cadopedia, an autocad clone.
The version they had though, could not read more than one layout tab. The other draftsman downloaded the latest version, and apparently it can.....


Melanie (Stone) Perry said...

Welcome to the Blogging world. ;)

One thing with posting contact information anywhere, is you will eventually become overwhelmed with the constant requests for private (unpaid) technical support.

It can be tiring. :-)

That said, the blogging is a wonderful experience for the most part.


Anonymous said...

your template displayed incorrectly in my browser(chrome)