Saturday, July 5, 2008

R2009 Autocad and P and IDs

Funny how things go....I was of the impression that R2009 was fairly crash prone. However, I have been using it now at NZSugar Ltd, where I am not attached to the network, and I have have had no crashes in the 3 weeks I have been there. (I was on a network on my previous assignment.)

Another factor may be that I have not done much in the way of 3D, stuck as I am doing the hot water P and ID. So Network? 3D?

In my way of doing P and IDs, I was asked if I could stick to NZSugar standard symbols for valves and so on. This I did do, and was able to add yet more symbols that they did not have.

The design and sizing of these symbols was a trick-do you make them fit on a grid? I have done P and IDs in the past and used the idea of using a grid but got sick of putting snaps on and off, not to mention that whenever you opened up someone elses drawing, they never used a grid.

The trouble is if you make your symbols too big, the drawings look wrong, and if they are too small, they are not legible.

I would be nice if, when I get the drawing with all the standard symbols on it, I could post it on this blog so others might use it. But I have not figured out how to put a download onto this blog.

Anyone have any ideas how?

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