Saturday, October 8, 2011

Revit Spark

A while back I found that you could download a copy of a thing called SPARK.
This is a possible release of a different type of Revit.

The download is from:

You can check Robin Capper's blog opinion at,
look for 13th September 2011.

It is free to download and will last till 7th July 2012.

I would call it Revit LT, ie "Low Technology"? or LITE?
(As Tim would say, you are able to draft lots on LT because it is "Lite")

Someone has suggested I write up my experiences with it.
I have had experience with Autocad Architecture, so thought it might be
interesting to give it a try.

At the outset, I have to say that leaping straight in is not the ideal
way to approach learning a new program. I found lot's of frustrations that
would not have happened if I had learned in a classroom situation.
I have given Revit a go before about a year ago, so the user interface was
familiar and I had a small project a friend had started using 2D Autocad.

The project is to take a standard house and put a basement rumpus room
in it. The drawings are not perfect(!?...are they ever?) and are in a very
preliminary stage.

The things I found most wanting were: (unless I'm missing something!)

1. No ability to be in 3D of the level you are editing. Sure, you can
make a 3D view and fiddle around for ages with that, but that is a
separate view. This compares very badly with Autocad Architecture, which
allows you to do an instant 3D view of the level you are editing,
and whats more, get a perspective view in an instant.

2. The supply of windows and doors seemed a little poor. I guess I could
create my own families, but that feels like a bit of a mission. For instance,
I wanted bifolds, 4 off, on the front part. Not there.... So mangled a curtain
wall to fill it in.

As with Autocad, it is a lot of knowing where to find things....


David Light said...

Interesting points, you can edit in 3d view, but not a perspective view (which would certainly be nice). One of the original concepts behind the Revit tool was to mimic how you worked in 2d generating "plans", "sections" & "elevations", kind of cloaking the fact that the user was working a 3d model. If you an expert in ACA, it is strange to Revit, but once you work out that you can automatically generate views off the model any where & everywhere you will start to understand why most people geniuely love the technology. I believe the content issue has been address by Autodesk

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