Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just a Simple Door

A friend of mine has a joinery shop. It seems sometimes he gets a job where an architectural style of door is needed. He mentioned how it was a bit of calculator bashing to work out the plank widths and how many planks etc. Previously, I had investigated doing Autocad scripts generated from an excel visual basic macro, so I thought, what good waste of my time this might be!

It was quite surprising to me that it was quite tricky to work out, and compromises had to be made-for instance the gap had to be specified, not calculated, then all the tricky stuff with decimal points and integers etc.

The resulting script draws it in 3D.

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The CAD Setter Out said...

Hmmm, This could be a job for Inventor ;)

Don't forget that, while you can't use parametrics for 3D objects in AutoCAD - you can cheat by using polylines with a width and thickness.

I know, I know - the fun bit is the programming :D