Thursday, January 18, 2018

I did it myyyyy way!

Which, sometimes, is not everyone else's way! Recently the boss got me onto a duplex. The source was a drawing already done by an architect in cad, as a PDF file.

Oh goody, I thought, I can try out the 2017 Autocad LT command PDF import.  It seemed to do an excellent job on it, so I scaled it up and away I went, being Mr Efficiency, converting all the layers to our ones.  What I did not take on board, was that the boss, as an owner of the business, wanted things like windows to have a consistent look, and I appreciate that now.

What also proved annoying was the appearance of inaccuracy, namely walls that were not 90.000, but 90.200. Some were, some were not, so everything had to be checked, which makes me think it would have been faster to draw it from scratch.

Then my co-worker mentioned that she found layers named "gf New dim" annoying.  Why not just name them "gf dim"? Well I said that is my doing, because I wanted to have a constant layer set across all jobs, ie residential, commercial and renovation, so I can use my scripts to change colours of layers so I can see what layers I am on.  Currently we only use three colours, so you never quite know what layer an item is.  Needless to say I have a script button that changes all my multicoloured stuff back to good ole red and white!

I am supposedly retiring end of March, and propose to work from home an a contract basis, so it appears I am more wedded to my work than I thought I was.

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