Thursday, July 30, 2015

Much Posting on Youtube

Today is my last day on Autocad Subscription.  If I had found some drafting to do at home for money, then most likely I would have paid up to keep the suite going.  I had thought that by now I would be happily (?) drawing houses in Revit, but it appears I am not suitable for this as I have not got 2 years architectural drafting experience(I have 9 months experience drawing houses).
Mechanical drafting jobs seem elusive as well.  It could be an age thing as well.

So, turning my thoughts to making a little money to help the retirement along, I thought a series of Autocad tutorials would be the way to go.  If they proved popular, I could clutter up the beginning like everyone else does with an advert.

I came across a free video recorder called "Screen Cast O Matic" , found at

This is very good, the only catch is that you are limited to 15 minutes- not a big deal anyway because most people can only stand watching something like a tutorial for that long anyway.

Lesson 1 is to be found on Youtube at:

I thought 5 tutorials would be enough, but I seemed to rave on to produce 15 in total.

Towards the end I did a short piece on rendering, here is a sample:

Not to imply that this is the cutting edge of rendering, but to show part of the platform I drew as part of the lessons.  I did a short bit using Autocad 2016 rendering, and was a little disappointed in my results, but that would be me not exploring every setting.  The last video, No 15 shows the Autocad model being brought into Revit, and Showcase, both of which were easier to get a render out of.

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Jason Bourhill said...

You could give BricsCAD a crack
A lot cheaper, and subscription is optional.