Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Handrails and Stairs....Lisps

Turns out only 2 people requested the handrail routine I offered for free about a year ago.

If you wonder what these may be about, check out Utube, with bilroCAD in the search box.

Kind of makes me wonder what planet I was on when I thought maybe I could make a small amount of money doing this sort of thing.

Maybe the problem is that if you look hard enough, you can get all sorts of stuff for free.

So I have decided to not be so precious about them and have stuck them on my web site at

If you delve into them you might find (if you are a purist) that some of the programming looks a bit ham fisted. However, they do work most of the time! What do you expect for free? Just to add to the fun, looks a bit shonky when you see that I have put "these do not conform to any known standard"!

I have just spent about 2 days trying to get the handrail one to work with R2011. After much harrumphing I created a special one, just for R2011.

I'm pretty pleased with the handrail one, but the stair one could do with all sorts of things added:like footplates, top-plates, handrails and a sytem for variable depth treads, and some way of tying it in with the New Zealand Building Code. It produces stairs which have a rise x going of 46500, which is not how the NZBC does it, so this lot is going to have to be revisited big time soon!

I like to have just one version of Autocad, so it is quite annoying to have things that work on one version but not another.

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