Saturday, June 5, 2010

Autocad as a desk-top publisher

I recently was asked to do a site layout, just a general map showing where the main buildings were. This was to be a 3D job. As I already had a 3d model, it was relatively simple to chuck a few materials on and render it.

Then the thorny question arose: How to put annotations on a jpg? The silly answer is of course use Microsoft Paint. Silly, because it came out looking like crap!

Once upon a time, I had my own computer at work and my own copy of Corel Photopaint, which would have done the job. Unfortunately, I now work on the firm's supplied computer and the preventers of information technology dept have it so you must ask for such software to be installed. It can be done, but the thought of all the forms and fighting bureaucracy put me right off.

Then the penny dropped: why not use Autocad? Just drop the jpg into modelspace, put the annotations in paperspace-easy.

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