Sunday, March 21, 2010

From igloos to elephants

More architectural monstrosities-yes I know the curves do not match, yes I know there does seem to be no means of support in some of these...but hey, it's Sunday and I have limited time!
I'm not quitting my day job just yet!
It is strange- this house design is supposed to be about olives (it is near an olive farm), hence the shape of the rooves, but things have ended up resembling upside down boats and elephants.
This is just a massing exercise. Sometimes you wonder what you need walls for out in the country-the only place I can think one might be needed is the toilet/bathroom and say a sound barrier if one had a the outer walls could be totally glass, but this means lots of dollars.Though if you were to have such a house, cost might not be an issue.

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